Unleash your product data

Grow sales and enable your marketing teams to be more agile by integrating your product data with websites, ecommerce sites, dealer portals, configurators and marketing literature with the power of FLEX PIM.

FLEX is a lightweight, powerful, cloud-based product information management system built on top of Sitecore OrderCloud that allows marketing and ecommerce teams to organize and manage product data the way they need without requiring a developer.


… to easily create the perfect data model to meet your exact needs

… to align your data management with your organizational structure

… to distribute your data any way you want, anywhere you want

Driving a business with a composable PIM solution

Learn how FLEX became the foundational component in a composable end-to-end solution for an online pet food retailer with multiple franchise locations.

ELIMINATE product data errors by developing a single, centralized, trusted data source.

ACCELERATE new product launch time-to-market through consistency of data.

SYNCHRONIZE product information across all digital touchpoints.

PUBLISH marketing materials faster than ever through platform integrations.

ELEVATE cross-sell or upsell efforts by improving the customer user experience.

AUTOMATE product information distribution to customers for 24/7 self-service access.

FLEX eliminates the need for complex processes to keep data in sync, and allows you to store your data once and use it anywhere.

Find out why FLEX is the right PIM for your business.

FLEX PIM is a cloud-based product information management system from Nishtech & GO2 Partners.